Opening Night Reception

Saturday, February 25 at 7:00 pm

Come and meet Tal Barda and Noam Pinchas, the writers and directors of the fascinating movie “The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev”. Reception includes live music and light refreshments, included in cost of admission.


The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev

Saturday, February 25 at 8:00 pm

Meet Tajikistan’s answer to the Jackson family. Nearly 80, Allo “Papa” Alaev rules his celebrated folk music clan, beginning with his unilateral decision to emigrate to Israel, where every child and grandchild lives in their single-family house in Tel Aviv. All but his only daughter, Ada, who chose her own way in life, a sin her father will not forgive. As generations clash, the family show must go on! Set to a blazing tribal soundtrack; drama and drumbeats sing out from every entertaining exchange in this grand family affair. 2016, 74 min.
$15/person In Hebrew with English subtitles
The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with Tal Barda and Noam Pinchas, writers and directors.


Sunday, February 26 at 1:30 pm

As Adam’s parents struggle to cope with their grief over his older brother’s death, Adam (10), feels like he is all alone in the world. This changes when Adam meets Abulele, and together they outsmart Adam’s mean schoolteacher, and beat the class bullies. In order to save his best friend, Adam will have to get Abulele back home to its family, while putting the past behind him and realizing that when you truly love someone, you are never really alone. 2015, 92 min.

$10/person In Hebrew with English subtitles




Turn Left at The End of The World

Sunday, February 26 at 5:00 pm

The tale of a family that immigrates to Israel from India in the late sixties, seeking a better life in what they believe to be the first outpost of the West in Asia. Instead they are sent to a new settlement in the middle of the desert, populated mostly by Moroccan Jews. An inevitable and highly entertaining cultural clash takes place. 2004, 110 min.

$15/person In Hebrew with English subtitles



The Kind Words

Sunday, February 26 at 7:30 pm

In the wake of their mother’s death, three Jewish Israeli siblings stumble across an unexpected discovery regarding her past – her husband, the man who raised them, is not their biological father. Accompanied by Dorona’s devoted but long-suffering husband, the search for the mysterious Muslim man who is believed to be their biological father, takes the family on an adventurous journey across France. 2015, 118 min.

$15/person In Hebrew with English subtitles